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I have been a teacher for the past twenty (20) years.  I started teaching at the Charlieville ASJA Primary School in 1990.  I attended the Valsayn Teachers' College from 1992 - 1994.  I spent two years at the St. Barbs Government School in Laventille where I implemented an agricultural science project and a computer science project.  I then moved on to Montrose Government School where I started the 4-H club and Cub Scouts.  At Montrose I am the computer science teacher.


I am Shazaad Mohammed, I am a muslim who recently perrformed the pilgrimage to Makkah in Saudi Arabia. 

I like hunting, fishing and camping.  I am involved with the Scout Association of Trinidad and Tobago and I am a Cub Scout Leader at my school.  I took the cubs to the 11th Caribbean Cuboree in 2007 where we represented the country. 

I am also the 4-H Voluntary Leader at my school and I have an enrollment of about one hundred 4-Hers.



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Here are some websites that I use to help me teach my classes, I hope that you could find them useful too.

School Express

Enchanted Learning

Sites 4 teachers

History of project

This project is in part fulfillment of the course EDTK 3202.

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