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As I reflect on EDTK 3202, I realize that this programme was really an eye opening activity.  I always knew that the use of the technology was a bit of a challenge to many people, little did I know how many people, and especially teachers.  The programme itself was really an easy one (be reminded that I teach Information Technology to the entire school) with great lecturers. 

I especially enjoyed the format of the sessions, at the end of each session I would have gained some sort of new information or skill.  The practicality of the programme was tremendous. However, I preferred to use my own computer rather than the one offered at the University.

The desktop publishing session was well done; I loved the manner in which Ms. Taylor handled the class.  The programme was basically step by step, allowing everyone to follow.

The power point was also relatively easy to follow with the step by step approach, through the method of demonstration and guided practice.  However, the independent practice, which should  have been done at home and was much needed, was not done by many, hence the difficulty.

The podcast was also not new to me; the program at the radio station where I did some editing was similar to the Audacity program.  This session was interesting although I had done this type of editing before.  The tutors did a great job.

The program that was new to me was Photo Story, I had not done anything like that before.  I thoroughly enjoyed that challenge.  I was able to produce material for use in school with that program.

One recommendation that I would make is that the group be separated into the various levels of competency.  In that way more could be achieved.  I am grateful for the opportunity to be a participant in this course of work and I truly admire the team of tutors for their dedication to teaching and learning, keep up the great work of empowering the teachers of the nation in the use of the technology that is here to stay.

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